The next season of The Bachelorette will be here before you know it. It is already filming as we speak - and in Minnesota no less!

You definitely know by now that the next "Bachelorette" is Michelle Young, an Edina, Minnesota native who was chosen as the next lead. She made it to the top two on Matt James' season of The Bachelor and shortly after the finale was named the next lead.

Usually, her season would be done filming by now but, in a strange twist, there was also another person from her season that was chosen to be The Bachelorette. She filmed her season first and now, Michelle is getting her turn.

By the way, this was Michelle's decision. She is a teacher and wanted to finish out the school year with her kids rather than leave them before the end of the year to film the show again. That is super sweet of her, don't you think?

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Now, Michelle is filming her season as we speak. While this isn't usually groundbreaking information, it is in this case because a good chunk of the season is filming in Minnesota! This is because of her Minnesota roots, which makes it even more exciting.

We learned this news recently thanks to Reality Steve. He is known for spoiling all shows related to Bachelor Nation. He has sources that send him videos and tell him how things go throughout the season before anyone else finds out.

He shared back in July that the show would film in Minnesota for most of August. At the time, he revealed the cast would be staying at the Marquette Hotel in Minneapolis. He also revealed they would film in and around the area for awhile.

Now, we have our first sighting of the cast and crew! Reality Steve once again shared some behind-the-scenes tea, this time in the form of a video captured by a fan of the show. The fan captured the video at a Twins game over the weekend! He then shared it on his Twitter account Sunday (August 15th):

I had a feeling the cast and crew would film at a Twins game as it is such a Minnesota experience! I guess I was right. Some lucky fans even took pictures of Michelle and her date, which were also posted by Reality Steve.

By the way, the contestant she is on the date with in the video is actually from Minnesota as well. The cast was revealed back in July and everyone started pegging Joe as a frontrunner because he is from the state, just like Michelle. We will have to wait and see but judging by the videos and pictures that were leaked from their date, I don't think it is out of the question!

I am sure more spoilers will get out while they film in Minnesota. A producer on the show recently shared a photo of Michelle behind-the-scenes but we want to see more! We will see how everything goes down when her season premieres on Tuesday, October 19th.

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