It's getting really real! We all know by now that our next season of The Bachelorette features a lead from Minnesota and now we are getting our first exclusive look of the season.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard about Michelle Young. She was on the last season of The Bachelor when Matt James was the lead. She was part of a special twist on the show, where she and a handful of other girls arrived a few weeks into filming and shook things up.

She instantly became a fan favorite and a frontrunner for Matt. She eventually made it to the top two but was let home in favor or the other woman standing. Shortly after the finale, she was named the next "Bachelorette" of the hit franchise.

To take you up to speed, another contestant from her season was also named a lead. It may have been the first time in history two contestants were named the lead at the same time! There was good reason though that makes us love Michelle even more: she wanted to finish out her school year as a teacher.

Michelle is a teacher and lives in Edina. She didn't want to leave her kids once again to film her season of the show since she already left once to go film The Bachelor. Instead, the other contestant filmed her season first and now that the school year is over, Michelle is filming hers.

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There are so many surprises to come when the show does officially start airing later this year. As of now, it is set to premiere on Tuesday, October 19th.

Now, we have our first look at the season - kind of. Bachelorette producer Mike Fleiss shared a photo of Michelle on his Twitter account on Saturday (August 7th). We don't get to see any of her contestants in the photo but we did get to see our first photo of Michelle filming!

He didn't go into much detail about the photo so we don't know if she is filming an introduction for the season or if it was taken before a date. Either way, you can tell the photo is taken in a gym, which is fitting considering Michelle is a big athlete who used to play basketball.

Time will tell where the picture is from later this year. As of now, we know a little about the season so far, including the fun fact that they are filming most of the show right here in Minnesota! So far, we know they are staying at a hotel in Minneapolis while filming. On top of that, one venue they will be filming at has been confirmed and that is the Semple Mansion, a wedding venue overlooking the Twin Cities. Hmmmm.

We also know the men that will be vying for her heart. The cast this season includes one man from Minnesota and one from Wisconsin. One spoiler online states that Michelle may already know the contestant from Minnesota which could create some drama on the season.

Will one of them get the final rose? The anticipation is killing me! We will have to wait and see what goes down later this year. It is highly likely we will see a whole lot of Minnesota on the show and that is really cool.

In the meantime, you can watch another Bachelor spinoff for some Minnesota connections. Our last "Bachelorette" from Minnesota will be on the new season of Bachelor In Paradise, which debuts this month.

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