Everyone is trying to lose weight right now, it's not warm enough to be in a swim suit and most everyone wants to look good in one when the time comes. Mandy Levy had those same thoughts. She couldn't find a diet that works, so she came up with one. What if food could be used like money, and you accounted for your food?

So she set out to "Budget" her food. She figured out how many calories she could use and started spending wisely. Soon she had lost the weight. Mandy also figured she would put it back on if she didn't stick to some kind of spending habit with her food. In her book "Calorie Accounting" she details how the plan works and teaches you to think of food as money. Diets don't work for people because when they finish they put the weight back on. Mandy outlines a plan to stay at the weight you get to by budgeting a little less.

In a recent finding, it showed people had to stay at their desired weight for a year for their body not to crave so much food again. Mandy's idea works on that premise, get it off and keep it off.

Mandy also likes doing karaoke and works that into her diet as well. After talking to her about food, which I do all the time, we found out that we share a love of cheese. Cheese can be fattening, so she says one must budget well in order to fit cheese in their diet.

Mandy has the tools to help you get started here, then if you want more......she says Buy The Book!!

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