Mandy was on to talk about her "Calorie Accounting" book. When she was on we talked about food, and I revealed that I wanted to become a spokesperson for Macaroni and Cheese. She said she wanted to be a spokesperson for Frank's Redhot sauce. That dream may come true, with your help.

Right now Mandy has a video up to be a spokesperson and she needs your vote. Here's the thing, I'm hoping that by helping Mandy, she might have an in with a macaroni and cheese company and then I willl make a video about me being the spokesperson.

Here's what she had to say, Hoping we could help her out;

I'm a finalist in a contest to be in a Frank's RedHot commercial!! As you know, I am obsessed with their product and have been trying to get them to notice me for ages, as I want nothing more in life than to be their brand ambassador.  Well, now I've entered a video contest to be just that, and I made it to the Top 25 Final Round! With help from public voting, my hottest dreams might come true!! :)

Actually, I think it's funny and thought maybe we could help her out, and maybe she will send some free Frank's Redhot. In fact in her interview off mic, she said she would come to the Twin Ports and have a Frank's RedHot Party!!!

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