Unused prescription medications sitting in your medicine chest should be disposed of properly.  The opportunity to do that - easily - is coming up on Friday, October 28 in Superior.  That's the date of the next scheduled drug take-back event, happening from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the Superior Public Library.

The purpose of the drug take-back events is two fold - and both have important consequences.  First, proper disposal of no longer wanted prescription drugs keeps the medications out of the environment.  Many people don't stop and think that when they throw old medications into the garbage or flush them down the toilet drain that those pills end up in the ground and in our water systems.

The second reason for proper disposal of unused prescription drugs is to keep them out of the hands of others who might abuse them.  Many prescriptions fall into the category of opioids or have illicit uses in the drug trade.

At the event, the public can drop off both prescription and over the counter medications.  Any liquid medication must be brought in its original container.

In addition to the collection of the old medications, the drug take back event will also offer free take-home items for those who need them.  Organizers will have a variety of items - like Deterra Disposal Bags and lock boxes available.

Those who miss this event but still need to dispose of old, unwanted medications can do so at a variety of open drop off sites located around Superior.  Those sites include a box at the Superior Police Department and at the Walgreens on Tower Avenue.  Both of these sites have specific hours that they are open, so it's best to call ahead in advance.

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