I have been giving, working with, working for, and supporting the Union Gospel Mission In Duluth for a long time. I was taught charity at a young age and they are doing it right.

They do provide people with food. Not so many food shelf items right now because of COVID, They are trying to limit exposure. Although they do set out some items, but the reasoning behind it is homeless people don't have a can opener and if they did, it's cold out right now, the canned food would freeze and not do them any good because they can't cook it either.

They have been the only soup kitchen to open and feed people during the pandemic. They have had some help and serve food in a to-go container. People still need to eat and so they have continued to feed them. As you know when you go to the grocery store there is some things missing so donations have gone down.

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There is the soup kitchen aspect of Union Gospel Mission, they need volunteers to help prepare it and cook it. They also need donations of money and food to keep it going. Talking to the volunteers there, they need more because there are more people they are serving.

One of the other services they offer is clothing. People that are homeless need somewhere warm to sleep so they need blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags. Tents are good too, it gives them shelter from the wind and elements and sometimes there are couples or groups of people and they can have somewhere warm to get out of the weather.

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They give out coats, mittens, gloves, hats, boots, shoes, sweaters, socks, and underwear. People need personal hygiene items and so when it comes in, people can get that too.

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The biggest thing they give out is hope. Hope that these people will be able to eat, hope that they will make it through this patch of life and have something better. People who are homeless and live on the street are some of the loneliest people and feel isolated. Hope can come in a smile when they get a blanket or food.

Hope also comes into the conversation. Just a kind word, listening to the problems homeless people encounter. The human connection they get when they stop by there. Last but not least hope through ministry and praying. Sometimes, the homeless that come by just want to pray or hear a few words of spirituality and encouragement.

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Until you need it you don't know how much it helps. I hear that a lot, and I say it too. I have needed the help and got it. I will always give what I have, sometimes it's not money, it's time, or talking about it on the air or like I am right now. You never know who you are helping either, so it's best to help.

If you would like to help or find out more information on the Unions Gospel Mission, you can go to their website at duluth-ugm.org and you can donate or find out how you can help out with any of their services.

Thank you for donating or helping and thank you to the Union Gospel Mission Volunteers for all you do.

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