As we head into the holiday season and a long, cold winter ahead, the staff of the Union Gospel Mission of Duluth need your help to support their efforts to provide food, shelter and hope to Northlanders in need.

Founded in 1922, The Union Gospel Mission of Duluth is the oldest soup kitchen north of the Twin Cities. Union Gospel Mission of Duluth's ongoing mission is "Food, Shelter, and Hope", serving over 93,000 single-serving meals a year.

Even through the pandemic, UGM of Duluth worked hard to meet the food and shelter needs of Northlanders. Along with providing shelter space, they were the only soup kitchen in the area to serve hot meals since day one of the pandemic. Beside serving hot meals, UGM of Duluth also operates a food shelf, seeing food lines up to 6 1/2 blocks long at times during the pandemic.

These services help more than just those who are homeless. They offer help to others in need including people impacted by layoffs that don't qualify for unemployment, those who have trouble making ends meet, and even middle-class families having difficulty feeding their children.

We here at KOOL 101.7 have teamed up with Kolar Hyundai to rally around this great organization and raise money through the inaugural "Feed the Northland" Radiothon.

Now more than ever before, the Union Gospel Mission of Duluth needs financial support. In the last year UGM in Duluth has experienced a decrease in donations due to the pandemic. Compounding their need, the rising cost of food, supplies, and other costs are making each donation more important than ever.

Our "Feed the Northland" Radiothon is a one-day focus on the ongoing need of the Union Gospel Mission of Duluth, giving you an easy way by which to donate.

Join us in supporting the efforts of the Union Gospel Mission of Duluth by becoming a Mission Angel. With a minimum monthly donation of $20 or a one-time donation of $240, you will provide someone in need with over 100 meals a year.

You can become a Mission Angel or make a financial contribution of any size by visiting our donation page.

Along with financial contributions, there are a number of other was you can help. Donating canned goods and winter clothing or volunteering to be part of the various efforts of the Union Gospel Mission of Duluth are valuable ways to contribute to the mission of this organization. You can learn more about the Union Gospel Mission of Duluth and different ways to get involved on their website.

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