B105 on air personalities delivered toys to the Union Gospel Mission,  that they and B105 listeners had donated during a Caring Christmas promotion. 15 boxes filled with books, dolls, action figures, electronics and other misc. toys will be distributed to local families who don't have enough to help children have a Merry Christmas.

David Drew afternoons, Ken Hayes mornings, and myself, Chris Allen middays, (we would have had Cathy Kates from the morning show but she has a boot on her foot and is limping around) collected toys over a couple of weeks, and loaded up the B105 van and delivered them. On Thursday December 19th, the children are let in to a big room full of toys and can pick some for themselves.

The scene is so touching to me that I always recommend people and our station to drop off toys to the Mission. The folks at the mission tell me there are never any toys left over and the looks on the kids faces makes it worth it every year. That is the scene that touched me. When I saw the relief in the faces of the parents, and the joy in the kids eyes and happy faces, I feel like I won the lottery.

That is why we do the promotion every year, not only to help in the community, but those children are the reason. It is not their fault they don't have presents, and I couldn't bear the thought that a child won't have anything on Christmas.

Thank you to everyone for helping and to Stepping Stones for Living in Hermantown for being our partner in the life changing experience.

Enjoy all the pictures. All are credit to Nick Cooper


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