Officials with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation have released details about safety improvements planned for two different intersections on Highway 53. The changes - to the intersection of County Highway L and County Highway Y will mirror a similar design implemented at County Highway B and 53 seven years ago.

The intersection is called an "R-Cut" - which is a restricted crossing U-turn.  The Superior Telegram describes the intersection this way:

Instead of changing lanes to navigate the J-turn, drivers would immediately cross to a restricted lane adjacent to the median to follow a U-turn about 600 feet from the original intersection, then enter another restricted lane on the right side of the road across the highway to turn back onto the county road.

The essential end-result is a safer crossing at an otherwise un-signaled intersection. These two additional R-Cut intersections will join the six others located throughout Wisconsin.  Resulting surveys show an almost 50-percent reduction in automobile crashes.


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