The hit movie starring Tim Allen was a big hit, it posed the question, what if you had to be Santa? Would You?

In my opinion, there are positives and negatives to the job. Obviously, the real Santa Claus does this job every year, and he has become quite good at it. He also has a lot of help. When you watch the movie, Tim Allen's character gets a lot of help from the elves (like Santa) and then has a big day in front of him on Christmas Eve. In fact, watch any holiday portrayal of Santa, he is a busy guy.

Let's look at some of the positives, Santa can be anything and can do anything. He is fast at his deliveries and gets to eat cookies and milk everywhere. He gets to travel and enjoy the fresh air and only works one day a year. If you figure out all the time zones he puts in a 31 hour day, then gets to be at home with his family the rest of the year.

According to NORAD pictures, and Sgt. Lee Smith of the 148th Fighter Wing in Duluth (host of the local Santa Tracker), Santa’s sleigh is a versatile, all-weather, multi-purpose, vertical short-take-off and landing vehicle. It is capable of traveling vast distances without refueling and is deployed,

Sgt Lee Smith confirms Santa has the latest in technology and can stay in contact with anyone and has GPS on his sleigh so he can be found anytime something goes wrong.

Santa gets to give out presents and goodwill, everyone loves Santa, he has the power to send elves to your house to watch you and they let him know who is naughty or nice. He even knows!! He gets a ton of mail and gets to make children's wishes come true.

I would say Santa Claus makes money on his likeness. If he was an athlete like LeBron James or Michael Jordan, every doll, wall hanging, picture, etc, Santa rakes in the money. I would also assume he has a good agent, after all, Santa has helpers that appear for him so he can keep checking his naughty and nice list. He also has to feed the elves, deer, and pay his bills.

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Negatives-There are people that don't believe. You have to work a 31 hour day and you are old and fat. You are behind reindeer and they poop and fart and might smell. You have to wear the same outfit to work for 31 hours or more. Your beard is scratchy. It's never warm when you work.

More negatives, you are gassy and full when you are done because you had to eat all those cookies and milk. Your butt hurts from sitting in the sleigh for so long, your back and legs hurt from going up and down in the sled and going into homes and apartments, you wonder why you haven't lost that weight yet, that's a workout.

One more negative, you have a massive bill for food, electricity, and labor.

So would you want to be Santa like the movie Santa Clause?

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