The ongoing discussion about what to do (or not do) about the so-called "Can Of Worms" intersection will see another public meeting - scheduled for Monday, February 26 at Clyde Iron Works.  In an effort to facilitate peoples busy schedules, the Minnesota Department of Transportation has scheduled two different sessions for that day - both with the same agenda/presentation:  One ta 11:30 AM and another later in the day at 6:00 PM.

Both of the sessions will allow people the opportunity to get updates on what's going on with the project and the ability to make their comments and concerns known.

The meetings center around the desire from state and local officials to do something about one of Duluth's busiest intersections;  the intersection also ranks high on the list for number of accidents.

The "Can Of Worms" intersection exists on I-35, where Highway 53, Trinity Road, and the Blatnik Bridge meet.  Minnesota Department of Transportation officials would welcome the chance to modernize and rebuild the current system.  There is also talk about replacing the existing Blatnik Bridge at some point within the next ten years.

Learn more about the project by visiting it's online project page.


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