Jones Soda company came out with a Turkey and Gravy Soda a few years ago. Didn't sell well and became a collectors item as people buy it, try one and sell the rest on ebay. An Arizona Company has come up with Thanksgiving Ice Cream, to me it doesn't sound much better. According to CBS5, they wanted to make something different.

According to an article by Jason Barry of KPHO owner Nindi Wadhwa said they are always trying to make something different and so 4 years ago they decided to create an entire Thanksgiving feast made of ice cream."We just wanted to have some fun with it," said Wadhwa. "If you don't want to cook on Thanksgiving Day you can come here and get it all in ice cream."

So, think about this, you break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend and sit on the couch, watch a romantic movie, cry and eat a gallon of Turkey, mashed potato and gravy and Stuffing Ice Cream? They also have corn and sweet potato ice cream.

Does that mean after eating a bowl of this ice cream you undo your belt and burp while falling asleep on the couch? Is there Dark meat and White meat Turkey ice cream?

Ugh! Forgive me if I want to stick with Vanilla.