Pop cans and candy wrappers.  Plastic bottles and plastic bags.  Rope.  Propane tanks.

The stuff that gets thrown away and ends up in the Pacific Ocean never really goes away - it just ends up collecting in a giant "swirl of garbage" that's called The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  Currents and gravity collect the garbage into a floating patch that's currently twice the size of Texas.

The Tsunami of March 2011 created a lot of floating garbage that has recently made it's way to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  Researchers recently found evidence of this fact on an exploratory cruise.

The ocean researchers found half a boat that still measures 8 feet long.  They also found a fire engine truck tire that was still on the rim.

In recent years, scientists and environmentalists have worked hard to raise awareness of this floating garbage dump.  They've also been trying to find solutions to the problem.

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