I was traveling with my son Sam and we couldn't figure out which line we would wait in, just to wait in a line, to wait in line, to wait, yep, in another line.

In the Minneapolis airport, they have a K9 unit that would sniff the people after they walked past him. We had to wait in line to do that. The other thing is, I was mentioning that the whole system needed to be like a fast pass that Disney has. Where you can cut in line and get on the ride earlier than all the people.

It turns out there is a line like that. There's a pre-TSA line, there is a CLEAR line, which gets you to the front of the line and you don't have to wait. Or should I say you don't have to wait as long?

One thing I was impressed by was the K9 dog, they just have you walk side by side while the dog smells. Then every once in a while the dog has to play.

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