Fitgers 5k is going to have nice weather, 2 years in a row. Usually there is a freak wind storm or shades of January. One thing you can count on is traffic being diverted in or der to make room for the race. On Saturday, April 22nd starting at 8:30 a.m. traffic will be diverted from portions of Superior Street, Lake Avenue and Railroad Street.

Here's what a press release said about the traffic diversion from the Duluth Police.

Motorists should obey temporary “No Parking” areas on Superior Street from Lake Avenue to 8th Avenue East, and the West side of Lake Avenue South from Railroad Street down to the Aerial Lift Bridge. Violators will be tagged and towed. Traffic delays will occur for approximately 2 hours as traffic will be diverted off of Superior Street between Lake Avenue and 8th Avenue East.

East bound traffic is urged to use 2nd Street, and west bound traffic urged to use 1st or 3rd Street. Motorists should be alert for officers directing traffic Downtown, in the Canal Park area and near the DECC.


South Lake Avenue Viaduct-The 2 up bound lanes on the east side of South Lake Avenue viaduct over I-35 will be closed to traffic and used for runners. The two down bound lanes on the west side of the South Lake Avenue viaduct will be coned for two-way vehicle traffic. The two freeway ramps on the east side of the viaduct (North bound I-35 On-Ramp and South bound I-35 Off-Ramp onto Lake Avenue) will both be closed during the race. The two freeway ramps on the West side of the viaduct (The North bound I-35 Off-Ramp onto Lake Avenue and the South bound I-35 Entrance Ramp) will remain open. - Railroad Street will be barricaded and signed closed at Garfield Avenue, however, vehicles may enter onto Railroad street at Garfield Avenue to access Pier B and other local businesses, but will not be allowed further than the 8th Avenue West race turnaround point. - -The Slip Ramp Exit onto Railroad Street from North bound I-35 WILL BE CLOSED.


The ONLY access to the DECC from 8:30 a.m. until about 9:30 a.m. will be down 5th Avenue West to Harbor Drive to the DECC East Lot Gate (near the Irvin tour boat). At about 9:30 a.m., Railroad Street and the DECC North Gate will re-open to traffic. The DECC will not be accessible via Lake Avenue until about 9:30 a.m. - Canal Park/Park Point Motorists driving to Canal Park or Park Point must use the South Lake Avenue viaduct. Canal Park Drive from Railroad Street to Morse Street will be closed briefly during the event. - Canal Park Hotels Hotels lots on Canal Park Drive will be closed down briefly until the start of the race has completed (from about 8:30 - 9:30 a.m.). After all participants have passed that area of Canal Park Drive, lots will re-open. Motorists wishing to get to the DECC from Canal Park need to use the Lake Avenue viaduct to Superior Street, then west to 5th Avenue West down to Harbor Drive to the DECC East Lot Gate (near the Irvin tour boat)

. - Fitger's Ramp/Pickwick Lot -The Fitger's Ramp and Pickwick Lot will be closed just before the race, and will open immediately after. Traffic should return to normal by approximately 10:30 a.m. Drivers are asked to use caution and slowdown in the area for race participants and pedestrians.

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