In a press release, the Duluth Police laid out their plan for traffic control for the footrace part of the Fitgers 5K. The closures will affect Superior Street, London Road, South Street, and 21st Avenue East. Cones will mark the part of the road the race will take place on. Mainly, people need to pay attention and drive carefully.

On the Press Release and on the Duluth Website, here's how it looks.

Starting at 5:00 a.m., 21st Ave. E., between London Road and Water St., will be reduced to one lane of traffic.  Only local traffic will be allowed access to Water St. from London Road.  Officers will be posted to direct traffic in the area.  Both I-35 ramps at 21st Ave. E. will be closed.  Northbound I-35 traffic will be diverted to 26th Ave. E., and motorists wanting to enter southbound I-35 can do so at 26th Ave. E.

Starting at 5:30 a.m., South Street, from 15th Ave. E. to 20th Ave. E.; and 15th Ave. E., between South St. and London Road, will be reduced to single, one-way driving lanes.  All traffic must travel only westbound on South Street and only northbound on 14th Ave. E. during the race.  Other avenues in the area will remain open to allow access to South St.

Also, at 5:30 a.m., London Road from 10th Ave. E. to 12th Ave. E. will close to traffic.

Traffic on Superior Street from the Fitger’s Brewing Complex at 600 E. Superior St. to 10th Ave. E. will be directed through coned driving lanes, with a runner’s lane coned along the lake-side of the road.  Motorists should drive through this section of Superior St. slowly and with caution.

Police say the roads will be open about 12:15 pm. There will be NO PARKING signs. They will be up early and if you see them and park there Duluth Police say you will be tagged and eventually towed. Parking will be allowed on the odd side of the road on South Street and London Road.

Roads will re-open and traffic flow will return to normal by approximately 12:15 p.m.

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COVID-19 has forced the race to be modified to reduce the number of people that will be together to follow the mandates set up by the State of Minnesota. The race will be run in waves like the other races this year. The waves will be made up of 25 racers at a time. The first wave starts at 6 am, and the last wave starts at 11:30 am. The race starts on the east side of Fitger’s, on Superior St., and will finish on the Lakewalk behind Fitger’s.  All runners should be done by 12:45 p.m.

Runners are encouraged to park either in the Fitger’s Parking Ramp or along the streets and avenues above the racecourse.

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