Zach Schneider Marketing & Public Relations Director for Grandma’s Marathon announced that the 2021 Fitgers 5K has reached 900 in-person participants.

Therefore the Fitgers 5K has reached it capacity, along with the 200 virtual runners. So the total cap of 1,100 participants has been reached. Due to the medal supply that is all that will be allowed to run the race this year.

Greg Haapala, Race Director, said in a Grandma's Press release that he is excited to see interest returning to get out and do the in-person race. He went on to say that this will be the largest event since the start of the pandemic. He said he was happy to see state guidelines open up enough to allow more runners. Greg says it doesn't mean they will relax safety measures at the top of their minds.

The Fitgers 5K will be run like the first race of the season (The Fennessy 4K) with people starting the race in waves, which will keep track of times from start to finish, rather than real-time running times. The waves will start 5 minutes apart with the first wave starting at 7 am on Saturday, April 17th. Masks will have to stay on until they start the race and cross the start line.

This year's Fitgers 5K will follow a modified course that is similar to last year's race but different. The race will start near the Kitchi Gammi Club on Superior street along with London Rad then toward 21st Ave East, and return running on the Lakewalk and finishing at Fitgers. So the race will not finish in front of the building like in past years.

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A note from race officials says the Lakewalk will remain open during the entire event, but the public is asked to be aware of the race in progress. Traffic will be affected from 6:30-9:30 a.m. on race day, and the advisories associated with the event are listed below.

  • Superior Street will be closed between 8th Ave. East and 10th Ave. East·
  • London Road will be closed between 10th Ave. East and 12th Ave. East
  • 15th Ave. East and 20th Ave. East will be closed between London Road and South Street
  • South Street will be open for westbound traffic only between 16th Ave. East and 19th Ave. East
  • 21st Ave. East will be closed south of London Road, except for local Water Street traffic
  • The on- and off-ramps from I-35 at 21st Ave. East will be closed

Grandma's Marathon says except for the areas listed above, London Road and Superior Street will remain open for traffic in both directions on race day. Motorists are asked to use extreme caution because there will be racers on the course.

map supplied by Grandma's Marathon YAF
map supplied by Grandma's Marathon YAF

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