Tax time is coming down to the end and the average tax return is around 3000. So what would you do if you did not have to pay bills?

My first choice is very easy for me, I want to go to Hawaii the package prices are Pretty good right now and I would still have plenty of cash left over to enjoy my time there. Sounds like a good place to go get married to me.

Second is getting a camper, prices are really good on this fun way to spend summer, I'm not talking about some 30 foot monster, looking at smaller camper that we can use for the festivals we go to and many campsites have a hard time with the larger campers plus the more secluded the parks are the ones we like.

Coming in at my third choice would be to take an entire month off from any work and head out on a motorcycle and just head out on the road and go see all of my family that is all over this land of ours. To would be such a freeing feeling, on an adventure with just my bike and my lady.

It is good to dream, it gives us something to strive for. What's you idea for a big tax return free for all? Let me know. And keep dreaming.