On my way to the studio everyday, I see lots and lots of new cars. I started wondering one day, where the hood ornaments went? I can understand the reasoning behind removing the big chrome bumpers and the sleek tail fins, but why remove a hood ornament?

When cars were cars in the 50's and 60's, hood ornaments were pretty ornate. As you drove down the road, it was as if the ornament itself was guiding your car through the perils of disaster, always safely delivering you to your destination. Some even had lights in them, and they glowed in the night while driving. They were cool, made a guy proud to be driving his Pontiac, Olds  Buick, or Studebaker.

Today's hood ornaments are mostly flat, simply identifying (for those who care to look) the brand of the car. Lame. Hey, back in the day you could identify the make of car just by glancing at the ornament. Folks used to be proud of their car, today it seems it's the pride of ownership has worn off. The shine is off the apple, and it's simply something to get us to and from work, so we can pay for the darn thing.

Hey Detroit (do they make cars there anymore?) would it be too much trouble to put the coolness back in today's models? Maybe jazz em up a little.. make  them cool to look at? Nope, I'm not asking for a big chrome bumper, or even tail fins...just a very cool hood ornament..if it lights up at night, that's even better. Take a look at these and tell me they're not cool baby.



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