A Permanent fixture in the entertainment scene, the "Nifty Fifty Cruisers Car Club" has voted to disband. Club President and friend Mike Tillman has stepped down after fifteen years of service, and none have stepped forward to replace him.

In addition to the loss of Mike as club President, many of the car owners are simply getting burnt out. Often times we tend to forget how many car shows the members attend. It's mind boggling, and they do these shows year after year, because of their love in sharing their cars with the public. With the high cost of gas, the growing number of  car shows, and fewer people attending car shows, it was bound to happen, and I for one am sad to see them go.

A survey was sent to all members (myself included) asking about the future of the car club, and the results were reviewed at the October meeting. Discussions took place, motions were made, seconded, and accepted by vote that the club be dissolved.

At the November meeting, one more vote will be taken to make the dissolving of the club final.

Thank you guys n gals of the Nifty Fifties for all you've done to keep alive the memories of the days when cars were cars. Many of you are friends, and have helped me out of a jam more than once. Thank you as well for the many different charities you've worked with, the benefits you've done, and most of all, the smiles you've put on our faces. Job well done!

From the Classic Times Newsletter.