Today’s Cars Are Missing Something, The Hood Ornament
On my way to the studio everyday, I see lots and lots of new cars. I started wondering one day, where the hood ornaments went? I can understand the reasoning behind removing the big chrome bumpers and the sleek tail fins, but why remove a hood ornament?
What Does Being Cool Really Mean?
If James Dean was in his prime today, would we still consider him cool? According to a new survey, maybe not — seems the very definition of what’s cool and what’s not could be changing.
Why Do Air Conditioners Weigh So Much?
When I was knocking around as a kid living in the South I was broke most of the time.. Broke and hot. I remember the yearly chore of installing the window air conditioner. After I slid that dog in the window and turned it on, I was still broke, still hot, and wondering how I was going to pay the ele…