The way I'm seeing it, the Duluth Huskies are adding insurance to a strong team.

The Huskies just shored up the pitching staff a week ago with really good pitchers for all situations that could pop up in a game. Today, though, the Huskies signed three promising players with good stats to back up that promise outfielder Zac White and catchers Ryan McDonald and Bryan Broecker.

Let's start with Zac White. The Duluth Huskies say he played at his favorite, and close college team. He signed with the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, just 190 miles from his hometown of Little Rock. It's a big family school for his family. They are all athletes and each followed in the previous footsteps.

The Duluth Huskies go on to say that Zac's Grandfather started the tradition by playing football, then his Dad was an All-American Golfer in the early 90s. Zac's brother, John David White, plays wide receiver for the University of Arkansas Razorbacks football team. He also heard about the reputation of the team and said to the Duluth Huskies, “What I lack most is high-level experience, and that is what I am here to get."

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Duluth Huskies website says, Bryan Broecker, one of the two catchers signed, came from Notre Dame College Prep in Niles, Illinois. He is currently signed on to catch for the Michigan State Spartans. Because of COVID, he got in his practice by playing in various college Summer leagues.

Bryan said to the Huskies website, he wanted to play in the Northwoods league and said the coaching staff for Duluth is top notch and said when he met with them it was a good fit and they encouraged competition on the team and against others. He went on to say he was looking forward to becoming a better ballplayer. He also expressed the excitement of playing outside in the historic Wade Stadium.

Ryan McDonald, the last catcher signed is a Minnesota kid, who is currently attending South Dakota State University. Ryan is from Prior Lake, MN, and said he was excited to play for Duluth, saying to the Huskies Website “My family has been up to Duluth many times and I love it there every time we go.” Like a lot of 2021 players who have signed, they cited, playing against other talented players in the Northwoods League is what he wants. Saying this will make him a better player. Ryan played a shortened season at SDSU and put up some good numbers, leading the team in several categories.

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