Summer and the Huskies home opener are getting closer as the team signed a few more players to round out the roster.

With the first game at home about three weeks away the Huskies are still making deals to have the best team hit the field. This week they added Caden Griffin and Cameron Pool both left-handed pitchers and a utility guy in Michael Brooks. You don't hear that term anymore.

According to the Huskies, Caden is from Canada, and you would think everyone plays hockey up there but not this guy. Caden Griffin was looking forward to playing in the Northwoods League with the Thunder Bay Border Cats, but they had to cancel their season. Enter the Huskies to add Griffin to the line-up.

The Duluth Huskies website says he is a freshman for the University of Missouri and was highly touted as the number three pitcher overall in Ontario. He also played for Team Canada in 2018, he has already faced MLB teams. He says all of his friends were choosing hockey and he has always been a baseball guy.

Cameron Pool started 13 games for Murray State according to the Huskies website. Cameron is from Texas and a freshman at Murray State, who speaks very highly of this player. He says he is lucky, he had a knee injury and was able to heal when the season was shortened instead of sitting out. Interesting fact, Cameron pitches left but does most everything else right-handed.

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Michael Brooks is a freshman at the University of Central Florida Knights, transferring there after previously committing to the Arkansas Razorbacks. According to the Duluth Huskies, he is one of the best shortstops in the country when he came out of high school. Since then, starting learning about every position to be more valuable to any team he plays for.

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