There's a lot of people I've told about how great the walleye fishing is on the St. Louis River. I have friends from the Twin Cities that come up to fish and are always looking for the big lakes up north. They just can't believe that there is that good of fishing on the St. Louis River, and won't give it a try. I'll say this. I've fished many lakes and many places, and right here in Duluth has some of the best walleye fishing in the world.

Lindy Fishing Tackle recently did a video on fishing up high on river. This is almost as far up as you can go, and it was early in the season. This is where the walleye spawn and you can have good luck trolling against the current with crank baits. BUT, this can be a dangerous spot and you need to have someone watching where you are going so the current doesn't bring your over the rocks.

Then later in the video they go down river a bit to what appears to be the Boy Scout Landing area. Another great spot. As the summer continues the fish tend to make their way down more towards the bay.

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