With the impending 4th of July holiday, the mayor of Superior is asking residents to be responsible and legal with any firework usage.  Mayor Jim Paine took to social media to remind residents about the in's and out's of firework usage in the City of Superior.  He also took the time to promote attendance at the city's official firework display - scheduled for Barkers Island this year.

Paine's Facebook post read as follows:

Fireworks are going to be a sensitive subject over the next week. I know many of you spend a lot of money on them through Independence Day and that this supports a small pop-up market over the summer. But please, on behalf of your neighbors, be safe, responsible, and reasonable with your pyrotechnics and make sure to follow the law. Fireworks that shoot into the air and excessive noise after 11 pm are illegal and police will be patrolling over the next week to enforce these rules. If someone in your neighborhood is abusing these rules, please call 911, which is the fastest way to get a response. Finally, please remember that your fireworks might be fun for you, but they can be deeply traumatic for veterans, Senior Citizens, and people with sensory issues. Consider letting the City handle the fireworks show this year. I promise it will be awesome.

For whatever reason, run-of-the-mill firework usage seems to be an issue in the City of Superior - although they can be an issue in any community.  Spend any time on social media and you're sure to find complaints and questions - from both sides of the issue - regarding fireworks.  This advance-posting from the Mayor seems to be a way of squelching any potential issues before they arise.

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