Now that Labor Day is behind us onto all things Fall and one of those things of course is Halloween. There are so many cool decorations and costumes to buy it is pretty mind blowing, and now you can get creative in the kitchen with a choice of different haunted cookie kits.

Target’s Hyde & EEK! Boutique has now released some cookie kits that would be fun for the whole family to decorate or as a fun little solo project. There are two Halloween houses to choose from the first one is The Haunted Mansion which includes black, orange, and green icing, along with decorative candies and sprinkles.

The second style of house is The Moonlit Cottage which includes orange icing and decorative candies. Both kits include pre-baked chocolate cookies which are easy to assemble to make your creepy master piece.

Last but not least is The Spooky Graveyard which includes eight chocolate pre-baked cookies, as well as a large cookie to assemble them all on, plus white, black, and orange icing, along with decorative candies and sprinkles. These will probably go quickly so stop by the Target store and get some or order online.


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