I had another chance to hang out with the Duluth Paranormal Society. It was an electrified night. I took a walk by myself and already had some feelings in the front of the ship. I had planned to investigate front and back, but the front held me there.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not. I have been a little "sensitive" to feeling when one is around. I want to collect proof they exist because of what has happened to me in my life. I have always been haunted and visited. Having said that....this is what happened.

The Duluth Paranormal Society presented the William A Irvin with a certificate officially calling it haunted. According to Andy Paszak, the head investigator for DPS said, "We have collected enough evidence that is unexplained by anything we could come up with, and therefore we are officially saying this ship is haunted." Andy went on to say, "We can also say that we also have found that there is nothing here that will harm anyone, it all seems to be just noises and moving things, these ghosts or spirits have existed with everyone who works here for years, so I want to make the point that it is safe to work and visit here too."

I started the investigation in the front of the boat in the Captain's Lounge. We captured some EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) and also experimented with the spirit box, which allows the entities to speak in between the white noise. Each time I have visited the Irvin, a voice that calls himself "Timothy" made his presence known each time, just saying hi.

We encountered a black shadow that crawled up the wall and told me it was a female. Later one of the DPS team named Steve came in to the same room and the room went wild as we were touched, watched a black shadow crawl around the room and then appear to us. Took a picture with a negative setting, with no light showing in the room, caught this.

Chris Allen

We snapped pics and ran tape and got some evidence that there was someone there.

Here are some of the sounds, with more to come.

First we thought we saw a ghost, we started taking pictures and found this white "ribbon". At first I thought it was light off of the wood but we took another picture and it did not appear.

Chris Allen

Shortly afterward, we heard noises under the bed, we took this picture and found what looks like a little foot in the right of the screen.

Chris Allen