Duluth Paranormal had a chance to sweep the William A. Irvin and collected evidence of the ship being haunted.

With some new equipment to investigate, the team set up cameras all over the ship and then sent teams to the front of the ship in the luxury suites, in the boiler room, in the engine room, and in the back kitchen and bunk area.

Here is some audio I captured from my Echovox on my pad with Ian (also known as Captain Redbeard). We have a film about this too, but I am presenting the audio for you. This has been edited, for time not for content.

See if you hear what I do, I say hello and I hear them say my name at first, then I tell them to speak clearer they say copy, which is a term they used on the ship.  We caught more on the woman later, but in this snippet, the woman says ian.....don't touch the captain (which is his nickname), don't touch the captain.

Ian feels as if he has been touched and they say neck and then I get touched and they say neck again, then I think I hear my name again. See what you hear, feel free to email me and correct me. I want to get the clearest evp I can. chrisallen@townsquaremedia.com

Follow along with all the investigation this month as we post them on Duluth Paranormal's Website or on facebook.

Here is the audio from Ian and I.

By the way, thank you to the DECC management and all the people that work the ship for allowing us this rare opportunity.


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