I'm not afraid of elevators, nor am I crazy about using them. My hesitancy comes from an experience I had when I was 6 or 7. I went downtown with my mom, and there was a department store on Superior street that mom liked to visit. She would shop on one floor, then another, all the while holding on to her bags of treasures.

When she was done shopping, it was time for coffee and pie ( a shopping ritual), and we would take the elevator down to the basement. In those days, elevator operators were standard policy. I think they only knew a few words. "Step to the back please, going up, going down, and main floor." The operator made the elevator go up or down by use of a handle. Up was right, down was left, and stop was in the middle.

One operator was my favorite because he could make the elevator "bounce" by fidgeting with the handle. It was like boing, boing, boing, bounce, bounce, instead of a smooth stop at the selected floor. People loved this guy, and they would chuckle as they left the elevator. One time instead of stopping at the right floor, he misjudged a couple feet or so, and as he opened the door, the floor was a couple feet above our heads. He then bounced us up a couple feet, opened the door, and everyone clapped and cheered at his prowess.

I've often wondered how those elevator cables could withstand all that bouncing, and of course I had dreams of one snapping as the elevator zoomed down to the bottom of the store...maybe even farther, like to hell or someplace.

When I saw this video, I was reminded of the scary dreams I had after my bouncing elevator trip. The video was done as a prank, although those on the elevator are scared beyond belief. Enjoy.

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