Fear, it makes you run, it makes you freeze, it makes you scream. This was the most interesting poll I've ever taken.

The answers were very different. I would think, ghosts, UFOs, bombs, or losing everything would have been in there somewhere, but they weren't. Keep in mind, there are all sorts of things that scare people, and they are real fears. There are people that never leave their homes because they are afraid to go outside.

Let me just say I didn't want to make this a political thing, but I had to include President Trump because enough people said he scared them. Some of the answers that people gave that didn't make this list.

Nylon Balloons, Extention cords, Mice, Losing their kids, Small hands, Masks (I'm sure that was COVID-19 masks, but I'll pretend it was masks of Jason, or Michael Myers, and War.

Here's how my poll looked.

Ten Things People In The Twin Ports Are Scared Of


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