Bob Abrahamson came on the show to talk about the Mataafa, a boat that met a terrible fate right in the canal area. A captain who made a decision he would regret, and a storm that blew several ships to run aground or sink in the early 1900's.

Bob tells us how the kiosk for the Mataafa came about at the Lakewalk and what facts he was able to dig up on Duluth, the Canal, and the sinking of the Mataafa. Read More Here

Luck of the Draw
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Bob has written a book called "Luck Of The Draw-The Mataafa Story", that chronicles the story of the ship and crew. In the interview he tells us how different the times were and how technology was changing and predicting weather and how the captains didn't believe in it. In the book he is able to describe what times were like, what happened to the crew and the rescue mission.

Bob tells me you can get the book at Split Rock and also on



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Thanks for the great story Bob, here's the full interview: