Under Investigation
If you've noticed this ship anchored just outside the Duluth Harbor for a few days with smaller vessels coming and going from time to time, you're not alone.
Ship Runs Aground in Duluth
The largest ship in the fleet that sails the Great Lakes ran aground Saturday afternoon off Bayfront Park in Duluth. The ship, which measures in at 1,013.5 feet, ran aground around 4 pm, giving folks at Bayfront an unexpected, up close look at the freighter.
Drama on Lake Superior
The 453 foot Antigua ship "Diana" was destined to be the first "saltie" to enter the Duluth Harbor for the 2014 shipping season. Her entry, like much of the shipping season, has been delayed due to ice.
UFO On Ocean Floor?
While searching for long-lost champagne, deep sea explorers have found what some think might be a UFO.  Back in 1997,  a Swedish group discovered a wreckage with ancient champagne.
The Swedish team, called the Ocean Explorer team, discovered the wreckage of a trade ship called the Jonkoping in 1997, …