What does that mean? Nokia hopes it will change the cell phone market.

A smart feature only has some of the "apps" on it, it's mostly a phone for someone that can't afford or doesn't need all the features but still wants access to the internet.

The new Nokia phone costs just about $25 bucks and can still get on the internet, can be used on a plan or used on a pay per use phone. It has some of the features that smartphones do, like the internet and surfing features, but if you don't know or don't care about apps this could be the phone you use. According to the Wall Street Journal, this phone has basic apps, internet, calling and texting are the features on this phone.

The price is right to give internet access to people that couldn't afford it before and for older people who say they don't need a lot of the features.

They are calling the phones Hybrids and Nokia will introduce them. If you are a fan of the old Nokia phones from the last decade you may want to own one of these. According to Investors Hub, Nokia got the idea from JioPhone, who saw a market for businessmen from India and Indonesia that didn't want the big phones just wanted to text, talk, and surf the internet, and also demanded a less intimidating keyboard on the phone.


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