It's been long two summers of road work to the Bong bridge and the terror of the roundabout all open on Halloween!  Scary!  Well many people are having a hard time with the round about but fear not cuz if you can read your in for a real treat. That's right the bong will be open both ways this Sat and for myself  am very happy, no more trains to stop my travels to and from Duluth. The time saved and the round about moving traffic along.

This has been a two year project costing $13,324,688 and split between MN and WI. This work will preserve the life of the structure for years. Also new are lanes that will include a new bike path.

I'm very excited for the bridge to open again. Being there's the new roundabout to deal with at one end of the bridge, check out my experience with it and the hilarious official video about how to navigate one.

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