It's Halloween season and I am the biggest scary movie buff. So here are my top 5 best movie to watch at Halloween time. Some of them you shouldn't watch alone, some of them you can't watch along. Anyway, here is the top 5.

5.The Shining- Not really a monster movie, or a ghost movie, but it is scary because sometimes it is so strange that it reels you in. The Simpson's made fun of it because there are so many iconic parts to this movie, plus Jack Nicholson is awesome in the movie.

4.The Prince Of Darkness- Ok I get a mulligan on this one. It might be cheezy now but when it came out in the movie theaters, it was scary. There wasn't much out to compare to. John Carpenter wrote this and he already had Halloween and The Fog under his belt. He must know enough Bible verses and connected believable circumstances to these to create something that could happen.....the coming of Satan.

3. The Ring- You watch a tape and then the phone rings and says you have seven days to live, who's not afraid of that? I love this movie because it preys on your sense of the unknown. They fill in enough story to keep you hungry to know more. Great story, scary little girl, just like the exorcist.

2. The Sixth Sense- Who saw this ending coming? I didn't, and I'm glad I saw it before everyone let the cat out of the bag. This one was mysterious and scary. You were totally kept in the dark until the end, you were afraid of everyone except who you should have been. One of Bruce Willis's best parts.....and who caught Donnie Wahlberg in the beginning?

1. The Exorcist-Still one of the scariest movies ever and still stands up through time. Once a true story turned into a movie, this makes the Ghost Hunters look like babies. I have the special re issue version and I still love it, but I still  won't watch it too late at night.



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