Would you like a adult drink when you enjoy a movie? Do you enjoy a screen so big you have too turn your head to see the action on the huge screen, or sit back and relax in luxury seating?  Being I love going to the movies on a weekly basis and getting older I don't enjoy being smashed next to a stranger. We have two places to go for movies (I am talking about mainstream movies).

Down by the lake you can catch the newest film and have a adult beverage. The screens and sound are fantastic and a option to catch a movie on the Ultra Screen can make for a fun date night or just meeting up with friends.

Up in Hermantown you may not have the ultra screen and booze but you do have their luxury seating.  These seat are like a love seat, fits two perfect and there are almost 10 inches in between the next seats. LOVE IT. You are never cramped or someone in your way. Can you see where i'm going with this?

The best place to see your next block buster is the luxury seats at the Hermantown theater the same price as the other seats. I love sitting with miss Kelly we can snuggle, yeah snuggle. let me know what you think.

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