I'll admit doing a movie about legendary James Brown is appealing, it's also almost impossible to do it justice in a mere 2 hours and 20 minutes. That being said, I began watching with high hopes. After watching the flick, my only hope was to get my money back.

It seems as though the movie was written by the young and totally uniformed. Had they taken the time to even read a book about him? Did anyone ever have a real discussion with James Brown? I doubt anybody connected with the film ever saw Brown perform. While the film did have a correct fact or two, it seemed  mostly based on fiction (as the film plainly states.)

I would assume a true James Brown fan expected the film to dig deeper, have more true facts whether they be good, bad, or ugly. This did not happen as the film glossed over or omitted many things that made James Brown the true Godfather of Soul. The film could have been a Giant, instead it came off as a bomb. I'll be kind and rate Get On Up 2 stars.


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