I scream.  You scream.  We all scream for ice cream.  I believe it was Abraham Lincoln or Richard Simmons who coined that phrase years ago and it still rings true today.  To me, ice cream is kind of like pizza in that it's hard to find really bad ice cream and even when it's bad, it's still pretty good.

That being said, I do think that some places are better than others to get ice cream in Duluth.  Ice cream is good at so many places, but I've found these 4 places provide the best overall ice cream experience:

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    Portland Malt Shoppe

    The Portland Malt Shoppe is a popular tourist attraction for a reason.  You get a wide variety of ice cream creations and beautiful scenery to enjoy while eating it.

    It's not the cheapest place to get the family a treat, and the wait can sometimes be an issue due to its popularity, but it is well worth it once you have your treat in hand.

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    Bridgemans at Figters Brewery Complex

    Just a 2 minute walk from Portland Malt Shoppe, Bridgemans at Fitgers is a great choice to enjoy great ice cream. I recommend the Peppermint Bon Bon or Coffee flavors.

    With an outside, walk-up window that overlooks Lake Superior and the Lakewalk, you can't beat the view even if you're waiting in line.

    There are also tables nearby with amazing views.  Let your family grab a table while you go get the goodies.

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    Cold Stone Creamery in Canal Park

    Cold Stone Creamery has a fun selection of ice cream treats and flavors.  As you wander around Canal Park in Duluth, don't walk by Cold Stone Creamery which is sandwiched between the many local shops.

    If it's one of Duluth's three or four very hot days, they have a nice air conditioned building so you can eat inside.  If not, there are seats outside to enjoy the weather and people watching.

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    Grandma's Box Car in Canal Park

    Get great, hand scooped ice cream while watching ships sail under the Aerial Lift Bridge.  That is why I love Grandma's Box Car in Canal Park.

    The ice cream is top notch and the surroundings in the summertime are unsurpassed.  There are great views as you walk around and benches nearby if you choose to chill.

    Just keep your ice cream close to your chest so any stray seagull poop hits your head and not your treat.

    I know there are many places to get ice cream in the Northland, but you should visit all four of these places with your family and visitors this summer.

    Where are your favorite places to get ice cream in the area?