Oh they say there truth in advertising, but I don't think "they" know what that means.  So I'm feeling like having a breakfast sandwich this morning and head over Hardees for a nice hot sandwich. I pull up to the drive through menu and before my eyes a cornucopia of delicious looking food! Pulled away with a smile on my face.

Got to work with my happiness in a bag. And this is what I saw!


Did I get the right sandwich? Did they run out of stuff to make it?


Come on people is this what we are excepting? Is it lack of training? Employee's don't care? I wonder what the managers think of this? Is making this worth paying employees 15 bucks a hour? I think not! No more I say. Good bye mister so call "loaded" omelet. Putting my eggs, ham, bacon and cheese in a bag and boiling it but that's another story.

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