After running one morning my husband asked where we should go for breakfast.  As we discussed the topic and couldn't decide we realized there was lots of area restaurants that have darn good breakfast food.  After all, it's the most important meal of the day, right?  Here's where we were discussing to go, but I realize this is a partial list of favorites, can you add to the list?


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    Family Tradition Restaurant

    Of course, we like the pancakes at Family Tradition Restaurant, 816 Sunnyside Drive in Cloquet.  They're the very same pancakes you'll get at the 6th Annual Harold's Flippin Flapjack Fiasco held at the Four Seasons Clomplex in Carlton on Sunday, May 1st from 8a-noon.  JJ donates all the pancake batter, eggs and more for the breakfast that raises money for the kids at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  It's just $6 with ages 5 and under free.  Thank you to Family Tradition! (love coney day!)

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    The Kitchen

    I personally haven't eaten at The Kitchen, 803 N 5th Street, Superior.  However, I've heard really good things about their food.  My suggestion would be to like their Facebook page.  They include info about if they're going to be open or closed and what special they are serving. We are going to check it out soon!

    Cathy Kates
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    Tappa Keg Inn

    The Tappa Keg is in my neck of the woods.  You'll find us there for the burger special on Monday nights and breakfast on the weekends.  The breakfasts are nummy and your plate is usually heaping.  Love the hash browns, ask for them crispy!

    Cathy Kates
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    Perkins Family Restaurant

    Of course Perkins is near and dear to my heart.  I worked at the Perkin's in Cloquet for years.  I know first hand that they are famous for their Granny's Omelette.  They also have several interesting breakfast platters and waffles with fruit toppings.  There are several Perkin's locations across the Northland and regionally, there's even some in other states.  If you're traveling it's a place you can stop with your family knowing what to expect.

    Cathy Kates
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    Sun Shine Cafe

    I've been to the Sun Shine Cafe, 5719 Grand Ave, a couple of times.  It's not very big, but the breakfast are great!  The sign in the window suggests they have yummy omelettes, but I personally haven't tried one there.  I know many of the locals like it.

    Cathy Kates