Meat eaters have just about everything to like on Thanksgiving, but when you don't eat meat and don't eat meat broth (in stuffing and used as gravy for mashed potatoes) it's not so much fun.

I have included links to recipes by highlighting the words in this article if you would like to make the meal or recipe I am talking about. 

Here's a way to include your vegetarian friends, or if you are a vegetarian, some fun recipes. Mashed potatoes are meatless but the gravy is not. There is an option for vegetarian gravy believe it or not.

Most Thanksgiving meals include cranberry sauce, glazed squash, green bean casserole, harvest slaw, and sometimes mashed sweet potatoes. Some of these can be made into main dishes.  Take the squash, it can be made into soup, wild rice and squash stuffing, or a butternut squash lasagna.

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You can also serve up a meatless pot pie. Make with vegetarian broth and all veggies with a crust. There are many meatless casseroles (or hot dishes). A lot of vegitarians like leek, there is a leek bread pudding, leek and mushroom pizza, and leek and olive tart that is popular.

Some other interesting recipes involved Brussel sprouts with pistachios and lime. Sweet potatoes are good with butter and marshmallows, or mashed sweet potatoes with hot honey butter and lime.

If you would like even more with all kinds of veggie recipes, I found a list at Bon Appetite of 65 recipes that I got some of these with. There are some easy ones, like spaghetti, split pea soup, or even just a simple cream of broccoli soup.

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