Local musician Teague Alexy released his new Christmas song called "Christmas Bells, Holiday Drums (Jingle, Jangle)".

Teague Alexy came up to me years ago at a music gathering and introduced himself to me. He was performing for an Americana group with his brother called Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank. Which I thought was a mouthful. He has traveled and toured with that band and then made a name for himself.

You can tell Teague has been influenced by Minnesota. His lyrics reflect it, and his music is folky enough to show the roots but edgy enough to make him reach a broad audience. This Christmas song showcases his left of center humor and unique delivery.

Teague has always been a storyteller, whether it's Hobo's music or his solo work, he has picked up a way to tell things to people and add music to it. Even though he calls Minnesota his home, he has dragged much of his working-class upbringing in New Jersey to sand the edges of his music and keep them raw and truthful.

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Teague does music and he has a podcast called “Wisecracks & Roadside Flats.” The podcast just give him another outlet to tell stories and other folklore. His new single "Christmas Bells, Holiday Drums (Jingle, Jangle)" is now streaming on YouTube & streaming/download on Bandcamp.

On his Facebook page, he lists the credits for the song, since I am a person that reads the credits on albums, I wanted to list it.

Teague Alexy - lead vocal, guitars, organ, percussion, drum machine, harmonica
Brian Wells - bass
Produced by Teague Alexy
Mixed and Mastered by Jake Larson
Recorded at Igloo Studios - Duluth, MN
Written by Teague Alexy
Art by Heidi Feroe
Art Direction & Graphic Design by Joshua Priestley

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