Is this a sign of the post-pandemic world? It could be. Target just made a huge announcement regarding how they are going to tackle Thanksgiving moving forward.

If you recall, back in 2020, several big name stores announced they would be closing for the holiday, opting to spread out their big sales over the course of time to avoid big crowds amid the COVID-19 pandemic and give employees a break after a rough year. Target was one of those stores.

Earlier this year, just a few shorts months after opting to close for Thanksgiving, they announced they would be closing for the holiday yet again in 2021. They clearly were a fan of the change, announcing it nearly a year before the actual holiday in mid-January.

At the time of the announcement, they said they received positive feedback about the changes they made from guests and wanted to implement it again this year. Now, it's permanent.

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KARE 11 reported on the news Monday (November 22nd), following an announcement from the Minnesota-based chain that they would be making the big change moving forward. They are the first massive retailer to take this step.

This will have an impact on the Twin Ports, as there is a Target store in Duluth, right across from the Miller Hill Mall. It is located at 1902 Miller Trunk Highway. There are a few other locations not too far from the area as well.

Shoppers shouldn't fret though, especially those that like to go out shopping the night of Thanksgiving to score deals. Last year, the store had a ton of shopping perks despite being closed on the actual holiday. They have already started rolling out deals this year that you can buy in-store, online or on their app.

They also have other perks that you can cash in on outside of just Thanksgiving. Target is now offering a same day delivery service for Duluth residents and are even looking into adding adult beverages to the Duluth location.

We will see what other big changes they roll out, if any, this holiday season. I am sure other big name retailers, like I mentioned, will be eager to follow suit. I wouldn't be surprised if this became the new normal for all big retailers like this.

Last year, Best Buy, Kohl's and Dick's Sporting Goods all closed on Thanksgiving. In June, Walmart and Sam's Club stores announced they would be closing on Thanksgiving this year like they did last year. We'll see who follows suit in the weeks to come.

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