Here's another classic video from the first time a Duluth Team was allowed on the William A Irvin. These two guys work for the ship and have tales to tell.

Their names are Alex and Bob and they have seen and heard plenty. When we were given the first tour of the ship they stopped by the landing around the back of the ship to tell us what it is like some nights when you are on alone. They share stories and talk about noises they can't explain, footsteps that follow them aboard the William A Irvin. Alex and Bob mostly work the night shift, closing things up, fixing things, and walking around the Ship. The light isn't that good, but the stories are.

We first learned about a man that had died in the boiler room, the captain, the lady in white, and a little girl that likes to be on the deck.

We were shown the front of the boat and got to see the luxury rooms and the kitchen, not the kitchen that cooked for the crew this was the kitchen for the guests.

We heard a story about the captain and learned he is not happy that the ship is docked. He thinks it's still seaworthy and wonders why it's not out. This was a story we heard from a psychic that came aboard the boat and did readings.

I want to thank the DECC for letting us on and paying these guys to hang around and give us this tour. We had a great night of getting things, and it was the first time there was a huge investigation. It was a learning experience and prepared us for an investigation later that year in the fall. This was May when we were allowed on the ship and could roam at our will to get whatever we wanted.

Here's the story of the stairs and the landing in the back of the boat.

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