Update: Wedding Couple Jess And John Honeymoon Fiasco
Our wedding couple from Thursday Jessica and John got back to me about their honeymoon. Turns out, it was another adventure. They spent a lot of time snowmobiling and spending time together. John told me there was part of their time spent in a panic and nightmare.
Bride Sings To Her Groom And Makes Him Cry [VIDEO]
Most of the time the Bride, or the Bride's Mom (in some cases the Bride's Dad) cry at a wedding. The emotion overcomes them and they lose it. The Groom is most known for passing out, laughing or just standing there until he can put some beer in his puss.
Are These The Best Wedding Toasts Ever [VIDEO]
I like to comb you tube for odd stuff, good cover songs by unknown people, funny dog stuff, and I seem to come across all kinds of wedding stuff, these two caught my eye first. I have been a best man......and believe it or not, a bridesmaid or maid of honor, what ever you want to call it.  Here…
Neal Schon and Michaele Salahi's Wedding Will Be Televised
One of the more bizarre courtships in recent rock history will arrive at its fitting conclusion on Dec. 15, when Journey guitarist Neal Schon and his reality-TV bride Michaele Salahi are scheduled to be wed in a televised extravaganza that's being titled 'Neal & Michaele: The Winte…

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