Proposed Tax Situation
I am the thrilled that Northland roads are on the forefront of people's minds, most need help.  Mayor Larson introduced a "Street Improvement Program" which would tax residents as well as visitors to our city.  It requires a referendum to pass on November 7.  There are three upcoming meetings for you to have your say whether it's nay or yay.
Why Doesn’t The NFL Pay Taxes? Why Is The NFL A Non-Profit Organization? Tax Status Allows The League To Keep All Of Its Profits
With all of the current controversy in the National Football League right now, it's not surprising that American's are taking a new look at the industry that generates almost $10-billion dollars a year - not counting second-tier profit centers.  But - did you know that the NFL is a non-profit organization and because of that designation - doesn't pay a dime of taxes on those profits?