Santa on KOOL Morning Show
Santa Claus is back on the KOOL morning show and answering questions, or taking your requests. Dial 218-727-5665 and either you or your kids or grandkids can talk to Santa.
No Smoking
As a role model for kindness and generosity, you can't do much better than Santa. But let's face it -- he's not exactly the picture of health. If the jolly old elf can't bring himself to drop a few pounds, at least he's recently given up smoking.
12 Santas Who Might Be Drunk
Even though Santa has an awesome job, it can be super stressful at times. Sure he's a jolly ol' guy who gives out presents for a living, but when Christmas Eve rolls around, things can get really tricky. If you think about it, the guy has to pull off delivering like, millions and millions of present…