Your Santa this year and you have all your Santa powers, what would you? The answers are all over the place.

Asking this question I received many different answers and like I expected mostly boys came up with the Naughty and the ladies leaned to the good side. Here are some of their replies.

Lisa told me "Give real coal to the naughty boys and girls."

Josh tells me "I'm literally being Santa for a Christmas party in 6 hours so I guess the answer would be "get super drunk".

Jim come up with "So what would I do? I'd want to crash diet so I can fit down the chimney, and then leave my phone number in hot dudes' houses."

Gary from Superior "I would look up all the naughty girls and when I wasn't Santa anymore I would have fun. Lol OR more seriously I would truly enjoy bringing happiness to kids who do not have so good."

On the nice side of ideas.

Kelli says "Change my name? Lol Just kidding, obviously. Since Santa can't provide world peace (I'm running for Miss America), I guess I'd relieve everyone of their debts/provide them with essentials for living. That doesn't remove desperation or jealousy, but it could help people who are currently overwhelmed.

Allen from Proctor "I would go around to all my friends and family and ask them what  they would want from me for a gift. And to be as joyful as old saint nick would be like in all the children's books and movies. Just to see the smiles on the people's faces.  Also I would visit a children's Hospital and ask them the same thing and just to bring them some joy in their lives because they are in a hospital during the holidays and try to make them as comfortable as possible as can't be with their family or in their house. Bring them cheer and remind them that there is hope to fight whatever had brought them into the hospital in the first place!

Thanks to all all of my friends giving their input and would say most of your replies were for giving and spreading joy and fun. like Cavan says "Bring Peace love and joy to the entire world."