For a little community, we do a lot of cool things during the Holiday season. One of my favorite is when Santa arrives via firetruck on Sunday the 23rd.

Parents call the Village Hall and request Santa to stop at their home. Nobody knows when Santa will be at their house, so all evening, the children wait with great excitement for his arrival. Often times the parents are as excited as the children, continually peeking out the window to see if Santa is here.

Sure enough, here comes Santa, but instead of a sleigh, he arrives in a firetruck! All the kids in the neighborhood (parents too) run out to meet Santa to see what  gifts and treats he has brought them. When Santa comes to Lake Nebagamon, he carries heavy baby, in fact his bags are filled to the top with gifts and candy which he hands out to the children. He even takes time to visit with each of the children, and of course the kids tell Santa what they really hope to get when he comes to their house on Christmas Eve.

After all the goodies and treats have been handed out, Santa jumps back on the firetruck and is off to visit the kids in another neighborhood in Lake Nebagamon.

There are many advantages to living in a small close knit community like Lake Nebagamon, and for sure, this is one of them.Everyone young and old alike look forward to the big red firetruck coming down their street. Even me!