potato chips

Review of new Lay's Potato Chips
Recently while shopping, the new Lay's Potato Chip flavor caught my eye and I just had to give it a try.  I usually do try the new flavors because they sound good and most of the time I am disappointed.  This time, not so much.
Sustainably Delicious
This year the DECC and the Arrowhead Home and Builder Show are both celebrating their 50 year anniversary. There has been many changes at the DECC throughout my lifetime, from the name change of the Duluth Arena to the DECC, to the addition of the Amsoil Arena, to the daily quest to utilize sustainability. One unique thing they are doing to be  sustainable is frying, seasoning and bagging their ow
Pepsi and Chicken Flavored Potato Chips Are Now a Reality
When you have chicken, some potato chips and a Pepsi you have a meal. Certainly not a square meal, but one most folks could imagine themselves eating at a designated meal time. What if we were to tell you you could get the taste of all three of these fine flavors in one single food product. Would that be something you'd be interested in?
Pringles Has A New Owner
After a prospective deal with Diamond Foods went sour, Kellogg swept in to buy the Pringles potato chip brand from Proctor and Gamble. Kellogg has popped up to buy the Pringles chip brand from Procter & Gamble for $2.7 billion after a similar deal with Diamond Foods was derailed by accounting problems and an executive shakeup at Diamond. ...